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Spectum was formed to deliver a number of the services of the major consultancies, but deliver them in a more efficient and effective manner.  We differentiate ourselves by minimizing your expenditures on low-value tasks.  We differentiate ourselves by providing you with accurate status reporting.  We differentiate ourselves by avoiding all-to-common conflicts of interest and minimizing your expenditure on low-value tasks.  We focus on providing you with quality and service that are on par with the money you invest. 

We provide a breadth of consulting and outsourcing services to help you make incremental or comprehensive changes to your business.  Our consultants are experts in efficiency and productivity.  Over the years our experience has been in engineering, manufacturing, business process improvement consulting, and project management.  We have become experts at improving a process' modularity, template usage, physical layout, and handoffs.  We utilize this expertise to reduce the amount of work to begin with.  After doing that, we further increase efficiently by selectively using computer software, software customization, and/or task-specific training.  We can help you increase your productivity by partnering with you to select the proper combination of techniques and implementing the chosen improvements. 

Spectrum IT Consulting, LLC is located in the Cincinnati Metropolitan area, where Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana meet.  We work hard to build long-term business partnerships with a select number of clients operating in the United States.  We will consider travel outside the United States for engagements/projects with both domestic and international components. 

Spectrum's origins were in 1992 as The Software Studio, which produced commercial computer software written in C/C++.  At that time our flagship product was Essentials.  We still use Essentials exclusively in-house to help us efficiently provide design & drafting outsourcing services.  It provides our drafters with dozens of new commands and enhances nearly every built-in command. 

Developing Essentials set the foundation for Spectrum.  It set the foundation for how we approach productivity enhancement, workflow optimization, and software customization and development.  To develop Essentials, we focused on quality every step of the way.  Quality still drives all aspects of our consulting engagements and the services that we provide you.  It drives our standardization in work methods and work products.  It drives our holistic business process design.  It drives our development of data models, prototypes, and test cases early in the project--during requirements definition.  It drives our top-notch service and project status reporting.  It drives our proactive approach to issue resolution.  It drives the establishment of true teamwork between our clients and us.  Today we continue to use this foundation to establish and strengthen our position as your preferred consulting company. 

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