Software Customization, Development, and Integration Services
These offerings help you customize software, develop new software, and integrate various software applications and data

Spectrum has extensive experience with a variety of applications.  Spectrum can help you utilize your applications more efficiently and even integrate them into custom-built solutions.  A few of the applications we have worked with (hover your cursor over the icons and their names will pop up):

Microsoft Visual Studio PeopleSoft Oracle Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft Outlook Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Project Microsoft Visio Microsoft Word SolidWorks Autodesk AutoCAD Microsoft Internet Explorer Spectrum Essentials Spectrum Process Map Website Maker

Spectrum's offerings fall into three different categories:

 Software Customization 

Most off-the-shelf applications allow customization.  Often the applications include their own development tools.  Some applications allow direct access to their data.  Some applications let other applications drive them.  We can help you add value to any of these applications by adding anything from simple customizations to completely new commands.

 Software Development 

We can help you develop stand-alone applications on a multitude of platforms and languages.  Some of the languages we develop in are:

 Software Integration 

We can help you exchange data between many different applications.  These are a few popular applications that we have connected to each other and to other applications:

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