Website Services
These offerings help you select website projects that are aligned with your business goals, methodically analyze your website, and/or provide you with day-to-day website services including webmaster services

If you truly want to maximize the effectiveness of your website rely on expert advice and services from Spectrum.  We excel at methodically analyzing business goals, analyzing websites, and implementing modifications.

Spectrum's offerings fall into three different categories:

 Fundamental Services 

Use of these services generally assumes that either

We can help you with:

 Website Analysis and Website Power Ratings 

With this approach Spectrum creates a balanced scorecard, reviews your existing website, rates it on the scorecard, and compiles a comprehensive set of results into a Website Power Rating Report.  The report explains our objective methodology and rating criteria.  The report also details how your rating was computed and suggests a multitude of specific changes to your website that would have driven higher ratings.  It shows your various summary scores on a radar chart of this type:

Shadow A chart composed of 4 rings around a common center.  The center indicates a score of zero.  The outermost ring indicates a score of four.  Nine criteria are distributed in a radial pattern around the outermost ring.  The criteria are usability, content, performance, accessibility, inform, interact, transact, deliver, and innovate.  A solid green shape fills in the outline created by plotting the score of each criteria and connecting the plotted points
Figure 1:  Website Analysis and Power Rating Criteria Summary Scores Radar Chart

At a glance you can see what areas to work on.  The report also documents any specific issues we uncovered during this process and recommends approaches that can immediately improve your website.

For an additional incremental fee, we can rate one or more of your competitor's websites.  This allows you to see at a glance how you currently match up against your competitors.

Our rating methodology strives to eliminate subjectivity from the ratings.  We build our balanced scorecard from a list of expectations that your visitors may have when they visit a website in your industry.  We also consider your industry when we tune the relative weights of the scorecard items.  We feel our methodology yields very objective measurements.

This approach takes about 5 working days to complete.  Our fee varies based on factors such as the size of your website and the number of competitive websites we rate.  Please contact us by telephone, e-mail, etc., if you would like a fee estimate.

 Aligned Initiatives 

If you are interested in pursuing an organized, methodology-driven approach to e-business we have a process that will greatly interest you.  The process analyzes your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  This process is explicitly designed to thoroughly uncover opportunities to improve your website, analyze their alignment with your value discipline and with what differentiates you from your competition, organize the winning opportunities into initiatives, and produce a roadmap for implementing the initiatives.  Naturally, the durations of these initiatives are dependent on your resources, the amount of work required, and how closely your current state already matches your desired future state.  This is an example of a roadmap:

Aligned Initiatives Roadmap A high-level program plan.  A legend appears in the upper-right.  A timeline with 18 months extends across the bottom.  Rectangles labeled with the various initiative names and their brief details are positioned above the timeline
Figure 2:  Aligned Initiatives Roadmap

In the Aligned Initiatives Report each of the initiatives' opportunities are discussed at a high level.  Our strategic approach selects opportunities that are aligned with your value discipline and your industry's niches.  This scorecard-based selection process selects high-impact opportunities and greatly reduces the chances of disappointing and/or abandoned efforts.

This approach takes about 4 to 8 weeks to complete, depending on the size of your company, the complexity of your industry, etc.  Our fee varies accordingly.  Please contact us by telephone, e-mail, etc., if you would like a fee estimate.

To best understand your current state, our Website Analysis and Power Ratings offering is embedded in our Aligned Initiatives offering.  There is no need to purchase ratings separately.  If you have already purchased Website Analysis and Power Ratings its duration and cost will reduce the schedule and cost of Aligned Initiatives.

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